Staff members

TKTobias Keßler

Since april 2014, Tobias Keßler is the director of the CSERPE. He belongs to the Congregation of the Scalabrinians. Besides his theological studies, in 2009, Tobias Keßler obtained the master’s degree in „international migration and intercultural relationships“ at the IMIS in Osnabrück. His scientific interest regards primarily the field of migration and integration from a theological and a sociological point of view.

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LDLuisa Deponti

Luisa Deponti is staff member of the CSERPE since 1998. She has an University degree in Foreign Languages and Communication and deals in particular with the following issues: migration and asylum in the mass media, religiosity of migrants and refugees, and intercultural youth activities.

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FPFelicina Proserpio

Felicina Proserpio is staff member of the CSERPE since October 2005. She studied Law and deals particularly with the issues of migration and asylum from a juridical point of view.

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