Migration and Theological Sciences

Human mobility, a structural phenomenon in our global societies, is not only a political, economic and social question. It requires also a cultural approach in order to find ways and means to deal with different cultures, religions and languages.
This kind of reflection is the task of anthropology and partly also of philosophy. They define culture as a meeting place and a dialogue between two or more partners: the relationship with the other is a constitutive element of one’s identity.
Also religious research and Christian theology are more and more challenged to develop their interpretative point of view about migration. Theological sciences, and Trinitarian theology in particular, may contribute greatly to the comprehension of people created in God’s image, which is communion in diversity.

This internet page presents a bibliography of theological books and articles about migration published between 1980 and 2007. It was edited by the Centre for Migration Research in Basel (Fr. Giovanni G. Tassello, Luisa Deponti, Felicina Proserpio). A large number of the texts quoted are available in the libraries of the Scalabrinian Study Centres. The bibliography will be up-dated. Therefore we will be grateful for any indication about new publications.

The file „Bibliography 2008-2012“ contains the titles of new articles and books collected after the conclusion of the „Bibliography 1980-2007“. Most of these works were published after 2007, but the list includes also older publications. The new bibliography is a work in progress constantly updated and is provided with keywords in English, which facilitate a more detailed search by different topics, geographical areas and ethnic groups.