Centre for Migration Research

In the age of globalization migration has become a structural phenomenon involving all nations worldwide and effecting far-reaching changes in the political, cultural, religious, and economical life of origin and destination societies. These transformations produce dynamics of socio-economic development and solidarity at a global as well as a local level, but often give rise also to fears and attitudes of refusal towards this complex phenomenon, which implies new challenges.

The CSERPE means to be a platform for intercultural and interdisciplinary encounter and dialogue among representatives of the political and social institutions, the academic world, the mass media, the different educational agencies, the civil society, the religious communities, and the volunteering associations.

The search for networking among various stakeholders in the field of migration helps finding out political, cultural, social, and economical ways towards a society, which may acknowledge and grant citizenship to all its components.

In this process of promotion and realization of a new and creative coexistence among people of different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, migrants and refugees come out as positive protagonists and essential partners.

The activities of the CSERPE include conferences, courses, organization of congresses, articles for newspapers and scientific journals, publications, and studies. The CSERPE is a member of the Network of Scalabrinian Study Centers, located in New York, Paris, Rome, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Manila, and Cape Town. Its work in the field of research and awareness raising is carried out in co-operation with this Network.